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Welcome to the Bangalore hair clinic website. This website provides you the detailed information about hair transplantation and hair restoration. This website also provides you the information on various treatments for hair loss, advanced hair transplantation and hair restoration techniques and the other services we offer in our Bangalore hair transplant center.

The major factors responsible for hair loss are Stress, hormones, trauma, ageing, hereditary, and life style. Hair loss/Baldness at an early age leads to loss of self confidence/appearance and makes one look more Older than they are.

If you are majorly concerned about your hair loss/Baldness and considering for hair transplantation, Bangalore Hair Transplant centre will provide you the most advanced treatment available in India.

Hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss restoration. If you are considering treatment for hair loss/Baldness, hair transplantation surgery restores your lost hair and improves your appearance.

Hair transplantation are performed by restoring the Bald area with the persons own hair. Hair Transplant/Hair Restoration is safe, the results are natural and is considered the most viable solution for permanent hair loss restoration.

Why choose New you Clinic

Dr. Kishore Pentyala performs all the hair transplants personally at Bangalore HT Centre. His exceptional surgical skills and extensive training back ground in India, Korea U.K & U.S.A gives an edge. Our Clinic is well equiped with world class equipment, excellent ambience, situated centrally in the heart of Bangalore City. To add Dr. Pentyala, facial plastic surgeon performing hair transplant surgery is an additional advantage. We have performed several cases of Hair transplant & cosmetic surgeries with excellent results.

Reasons to choose us:-

Facial plastic & cosmetic surgeon performs hair transplant.
Overseas trained doctors & experienced staff.
Large team to perform mega sessions with 3000 to 4000 graft transplantation efficiently in one session.
Trychophytic closure.
Video microscopic dissection of grafts.
We use choi implantation for eyebrows, mustache & beard transplant.
Hair line design to suite the profile of the individual.
Performed several cases of hair transplant with optimal results.

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